“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”

--Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, 2 September 2011

Ode to the old Day- Dear Brownies, I miss you.

So if knew me in college, you know what Friday nights entailed...a typical american college Friday night would usually include some sort of party with boys and craziness....mine was almost always sure to include brownies, and my crazy friends, on our big green couch, watching a movie, or just laughing about nothing. I'm pretty sure that might sound lame to 95% of America and possibly 100% of France, but I'm pretty sure I have more treasured memories from that couch, than they have from a lifetime of parties.

So today was my first day back to work, so after a long hard day, I obviously needed my Friday night as usual, but unfortunately, in my new apt I traded in my oh-so-wonderful brownie-making-oven for a microwave, washer and a TV...so at I'm a little at a loss as to what to do with my Friday nights. So here's how I coped:

First, I put a mask on my face and hair (boys, this is a hair product, not something that went with your 8-year-old-self's Power Rangers costume)(or mine for a matter of fact)...

then...I ran to the store, at 9 on a Friday, which guarantees creepers lurking in the streets. I was wearing an american get-up, with my tempos and a 'killi' shirt...when a man hollas from his car, in translation ''oh, what sport do you play mademoiselle'', I know sexy right, my throughts ''exactly what makes me feel lovely and want to jump right into that car with you monsoir, watch out out for the flying jar of nutella, when I run out the door, that's what sport I'm playing tonight.''

Anyways, excuse the rant, So returned from the store with the closest things I could find to happiness and home: Box of my favorite grocery-store, 79 cent cookies, jar of nutella (obviously), anddd box of ice creamish stuff...
First, I cut my ice cream like a loaf of bread...cause it's a little weird here, then I tried heating nutella, but aparantely, she doesn't work like that...rude...but I added the overheated kinda burnt nutella to the ice cream loaf, topped off by the best cookies in the world!

While eating bowl number 2 of ice cream, and I put on a little one tree hill for the Watching (thank you Jenni Burks for me new addiction), pulled out the nail polish, and sat on my couch/bed, wishing it was green, and big!

This night might sound a little lame...although to my credit, I have a huge wedding event tomorrow night...except, I would probably be doing this either way. But welcome to my very contented First Friday night back in France! YUM


  1. You are welcome! Sounds like a fine Friday night. I missed France a LOT today!

  2. Not a bad way to spend a Friday night at all! Glad you were able to relax, enjoy something sweet and watch some good television. I love OTH! :) The last season starts in January though. :(